Blogs are a lot like the people who write them.

Some are serious.

Some are educational.

Some make you laugh until you cry.

Some just make you cry.

I have read blogs and thought….I would love to be their neighbor.

I have read blogs and thought….how intimidating.

I have read blogs and thought….I hope I never meet them in a dark alley.

And then…

                            …..every now and then….

….I read a blog where the writer is someone who makes me smile….someone who inspires me….someone who understands me….

                                             ….in short…..

                            …..someone I would be friends with.


If you have ever met Linda from “it all started with paint,” then you know exactly what I am talking about.

If you haven’t….I’m telling you to walk….no….power walk….no….sprint like you are in the last 100 yards of the Boston Marathon….over to her blog.

I promise you this… will not be disappointed.

I mean….she is super crafty (check out her numbered napkins) and talented (check out her chalkboard door) and creative (check out her steps)…..

….and while it’s fabulous to be crafty and talented and creative…..

                       …..the thing that makes her a must-read…..

…..the thing that brought me back to her blog again and again…..

                                              ….is her incredibly witty sense of humor.

Not just courtesy-laugh funny, but side-splitting….belly laughing….snorting-until-your-sides-hurt funny.

A modern-day Carol Burnett.


And the fact that she is one of the best commenters in the history of ever.

For example….I posted about the upstairs playroom and stinky socks.

She commented: 

“My teen son had his 4 teen friends over last weekend … and they played Kinect. Not the bowling game. Track & Field. And I was reminded of why we always kept my brother’s room door closed at all times.”

I posted about my “impossibility” bread making challenge and before and after “impossibles.”

She quipped:

“So, who are your taste testers? Those adorable little girls of your? Perhaps your “blog widower” of a husband (and I’m so stealing that “blog widower” term … and may or may not give Mr. Blog Widower credit).”

I post about this bingo card pillow….

and she said: 

“Now I have to add “make a bingo card pillow” to my ever-growing list of to do’s ……but the list needs to be named “step away from the computer” …”

And lastly…..when I posted about my impossible and had a guest poster discuss the ins and outs of photography.

She said:

“… day you can take incredible pictures of the incredible bread you bake! I must pin this for the day I finally get my DSLR … oh, how I covet one! I think I made 13 cents last month from Google ads … so, let’s see, I should be able to afford a DSLR in close to 400 years ….”

And so my incredible witty, hilarious, and genuinely authentic friend, Linda.

Thank you for the laughs and the snickers and the snorts.

Thank you for always making me smile and believe in myself.

But most of all…..

                                   ……thank you for being my friend.

PS  All this humor and creative genius can be found at “it all started with paint.”

PSS  Tell her I said hi!