United We Stand

impossibilities    noun   pl.

1.  the quality or state of being impossible

2.  something impossible

But then again, everyone has their own definition of “impossibilities.” 

For example, some might consider turning this:

into this….

…..an “Impossibility.”

Others might define….

….turning this….

…into this as an “Impossibility.”

Still others might define it as….

….turning this…..….into this.

But not me.


No way.

You see my fine blogging friend…..

….baking homemade bread…..that is my definition of “Impossibility.”

You see….I have never baked bread before.

Full disclosure:  And I have never made pork chops or lasagna or chicken and dumplings or coleslaw or ….you get the idea.  I’ll stop while I gather up the few shreds of dignity I have left.

I can paint in my sleep, glitter until the cows come home and build and create with my eyes closed…..

….but the thought of baking or cooking or chopping or dicing or frying usually overwhelms me.

But not today.

Not here.

Not now.


             ….today I scoff at impossibility.

I am really to go forth into this great big wide world of ours and conquer the fear of the unknown.


Because of you.  Because we are all in this together.  United we stand and all that good stuff.

Oh….and I have a 100% guaranteed successful no-fail bread recipe from Revisionary Life.  It’s actually called “No Fail Bread” recipe.

It’s going to be good.  I’m thinking positively.

I’ve made a little progress…..I mean….I got the recipe, didn’t I.

For a little more progress and inspiration here’s what the blogger support group has been up to:

Karah is making great strides (check out her speck)!

Kelly is in the process of conquering her basement (check out her AWESOME before pictures)!

Linda is choosing her paint color (check out the other updates she posted)!

Stacey has some great fabric selections for her purse!

and Andrea is building her shelves!

Now in the spirit of “united we stand,” here are a few incredible bloggers who have taken the challenge:

Oakview Cottage

Three Sweet Peas

Buffalo Roam

Common Ground

Maxwell House Interiors

Take a moment to stop by and encourage them as they work on their own definition of “Impossibility.”

PS  If this is your first visit and you want to know more about this exciting, scintillating, thrilling challenge click here.

PSS  If you are not sure what scintillating means click here.

PSSS  If you are worn out from hearing about the impossibilities challenge and you just need a good laugh click here.

46 thoughts on “United We Stand

  1. Kari, I believe you can bake a loaf of bread that is delicious and gorgeous. And, just remember that “practice makes perfect”. As you know, we all our gifts. Just imagine what a gorgeous loaf of bread you can paint.


  2. LOL! Thanks, I needed that. Been baking bread for 35 years plus and find other things seem difficult and daunting. Looking forward to seeing your results. 🙂

  3. When I first started to cook, I thought, with trepidation, that I would never be able to cook like my mama. I learned that, when you are starting out, you must follow the instructions exactly. You won’t fail. You can learn to improvise later on. Can’t wait to hear how your bread turns out.

  4. Please slather a generous amount of sweet butter onto a thick slice of that still warm from the oven fresh homemade bread. I’ll be right over. Yummy! It does look wonderful. Over my many years (lol) I have made all those dishes you mentioned but I still prefer to be doing crafting or arts more than cooking and I’m ashamed to say cleaning too. Have a super creative day! Oh, and enjoy eating that bread. I’m off to see more impossibilities.
    Warmly, Linda

  5. Loved the choices at the end of the post – especially because I needed a good laugh and #1 fan provided it. Remember that impossible also means challenging yourself to do those things that you fear the most- baking bread sounds like baby steps compared to some other things, but where better to start than with baby steps. looking forward to smelling the baking of homemade bread.

  6. Hey it looks like you are moving ahead nicely. Me on the other hand, nada. Lets see if I can change that today! I love that the art house was a beauty salon before you switched it. Did you wash your hair in the bowl before you got rid of it. I totally would have played salon:)

  7. Hey! It’s so nice to “meet” you:) I had actually stumbled across your blog a couple times before…and stared enviously at your amazing home. I LOVE the chalkboard window, and pretty much every other project you have postetd…I am your newest stalker, um, I mean follower! I can’t wait to hear how your bread comes out;) and will be pinning a ton of your stuff to copy!!

  8. It certainly helps to try doing things outside of our comfort zone when you know others are doing it too! All of your room redo’s are amazing! After seeing that, I would say that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

  9. Those before and after shots are Amazing! You can do it. Delicious warm bread straight out of the oven is in your near future, I can feel it! I have yet to get any drawing done but today I plan to bring up some drawing supplies from the basement in case the mood hits me, that is sort of progress right?

  10. ok I can’t cook and I’ve given up. It’s not even a fun challenge “let’s see how many times can I burn this or undercook it?” bah

    anyway love your house, I’m a first time visitor!

  11. Can’t wait to see how awesome it will turn out, I love to cook and bake but making bread is something I’ve always shied away from, even though fresh baked bread is one of my husbands most favorite things in the whole world. You might just inspire me to try making a loaf myself.

  12. You will be amazed at how easily you can bake bread or make lasagna… And grinding wheat is not at all complicated either. 🙂 You CAN do it!

    I linked your blog and the challenge on my blog post today (Monday 1/16).

  13. Oh, we’ve been doing the impossible all day today! I wish I could have snapped a picture of my guy under the new tub I was trying desparately to keep from crashing down on top of him. No worries, really, as that sucker was wedged into the walls and wouldn’t budge. Our impossible is a bathroom remodel. Posts to come soon…

    Judging by your beautiful home, I’m guessing you’ll get this bread business figured out pretty quickly 🙂

  14. So, who are your taste testers? Those adorable little girls of your? Perhaps your “blog widower” of a husband (and I’m so stealing that “blog widower” term … and may or may not give Mr. Blog Widower credit).

    I’m even more impressed by what you’ve done to your home by those glimpses of before shots …


  15. You know what? I still hate to cook, but I learned a bit about baking and LOVE it. I think that baking seems more like a craft recipe. Flour, sugar, salt, and yeast in proper proportions are going to make bread (or play-dough). Even the plainest bread is still good warm with butter.

    Whereas plain chicken with the wrong spices is just rubbery and gross. Which is probably while I’ll never be a great cook. Good luck and if the “no fail” recipe works well then I’ll give it a try too!

  16. You can definitely do it- just be precise with your measurements and practice. Generally I like to cook instead of bake things like pastries or bread because I like to get creative and add things in as I go. That doesn’t mix well with baking and although I know this I can’t help myself- I swap something out and end up with chewy heavy bread.

  17. The bread will be amazing! I have total faith in your ability to follow the no-fail recipe, and even a fail-able recipe. (Fallible?) But even if it’s not perfect, smear some apple butter on it and I bet you’ll never notice. Good luck!

  18. The bread will be fabulous I’m sure!

    Thanks Kari for leaving me a comment on my blog with the invite! I’ve posted my challenge: doing the final touch on my stitching projects.

  19. Kari, thanks for leaving an invite on my blog! I’ve joined in and posted today (Mon 16th).

    I’m sure your bread will turn out wonderfully!

  20. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! One challenge that I want to overcome this month is to paint stripes in my foyer. Stripes have always scared me… all the measuring ( I really hate math) and taping. Thanks to your challenge I’ve decided to give it a try. Thank you and all the other ladies for inspiring us to step outside the box and try something new and even scary!

  21. I’m with you, my blogging sister! I’ll happily spend hours making wreath out of coffee filters, throw in some glitter, and lets make a day of it! Cooking – I don’t do much beyond pb&j. Your home is stunning…from your kitchen, one would never guess that you don’t enjoy cooking. I love the word scintillating, but never would have guessed that it’s spelled that way, as I’ve never written it. Another great post – thanks!

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