I should have taken more before pictures.

You see, a marketing genius and I were talking recently and she told me I need “before pictures”. 

Why oh why didn’t I take more?

Before I lifted a paint brush or a roller or a sander, I should have lifted my camera.

I have a few pictures.  They don’t really do the guest bathroom justice.

Why didn’t I zoom in on that shell toilet seat?

Why didn’t I know that I would have a blog and that before pictures were essential?


I mean you barely see the wallpaper….and the sink….and the faux brass towel rings.  This is not an accurate representation.

I feel like I have let us all down.

Why didn’t I take more time with the before?

Maybe because I was too focused on the after.

I wanted clean and light and bright.

So instead of photographing terrible before shots, I painted the walls.

Instead of photographing the process and journey….I hunted high and low for the perfect baskets on clearance and filled them with tea-stained flowers.

Instead of creating tutorials and step-by-step instructions, I just painted signs.

Next time I will know. 

Next time I won’t be so unbelievably careless.

You can count on me.

NOTE TO SELF:  When starting a project…..

Take a plenty of before pictures of this….

…..before it turns into this.

If you want to see more before and after click here.

Thank goodness for next time!

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