Call Me

The president of my fan club lives at my house.

Actually, I think she is the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer all rolled into one.

She is a fashionista, an artist, a cheerleader and could give advertising executive, Donny Deutsch a run for his money.

She never misses a post.

The other day she came running into the laundry room, bursting with excitement.  I guess she and the other members of the fan club had been in negotiations.

“Mom….what if a celebrity looks at your blog?”

Now, before we proceed….I feel it is imperative to let you know that my current readership consists of my mom, my sister and a few people who have googled “tiny little pantry.” 

But, hey, who am I to dampen the hefty expectations of my fan club?

So I replied, “Wow!  What if they did?”

It didn’t stop there. 

She continued, “Mom.  What if more and more and more people saw your blog….and then a celebrity saw it and wanted you to go decorate their house?  I mean mom, what if they saw…..and what if….

(now at this point her face is a study in concentration….furrowed brow….the works….thinking so hard about the most famous celebrity she could dream up).

“…..what if……..Christina Aguilara called you?”



Christina Aguilara?

Did anyone see booty shorts and red satin in that bathroom make-over?

I’m not really sure that Christina would go for vintage, chippy, shabby chalkboards made from windows, that I found in the trash.

But I can’t disappoint the fan club.

I can’t let them down.

So, Christina if you are reading this…..

I love red satin…

 ….call me. 

PS  Don’t forget about our impossibility challenge.  We would love for you to join us.  Please note that while I do paint and sand and sew…..baking overwhelms me.  See my attempts at homemade bread with all the other “impossibles” at our linky party on January 31.

63 thoughts on “Call Me

  1. Good morning, Kari. Tell your sweet girl that we are members of the fan club, too.

    Of course, I am not a celebrity, but I am a pledged member.♥

  2. I would love for you to decorate my house ! Tell your lovely daughter we are also fans but not famous. I just love her room. You are very lucky she likes what you do so many teenagers don’t. My girls never liked my taste until they were older(Mom’s now) and my little granddaughter don’t like what they pick out now too! Sandy

  3. Your daughter is so sweet though! She’s obviously excited about everything you do and you should be proud. I love her room. It’s so unique and colorful and sweet at the same time.

  4. One of these days I’m going to beat out Beverly and get the first comment up there …

    … and I was waiting for Justin Beiber, because my 11 year old quasi fan (he best friend is a bigger fan of my blog …?) is in puppy love with that boy …



  5. Though I am not a movie star, I can say that if I were the daughter slumbering in that awesome bedroom I would be the President and CEO as well. Such a GREAT room and you have SUCH talent! Have a super day!

  6. too cute! isn’t it so great to have kids that love what we do! i know even when i feel discouraged i always have two little people who love my projects! 🙂

  7. I’ve been blogging/vlogging for close to three years now and there has been dinner conversations like this around our table many times, lol…You have a beautiful blog and love your writing…puts a smile on my face!! Blessings.

  8. Oh my! Imagine the wonder of having a Daughter, as the Pres. Of Your Blogging Fan Club?!? You must be the luckiest of blogging Moms!!! To have such.

    And that Daughter of yours, is very discerning… To appreciate her Mother’s blog.

    P.S. I really, really hope that some celebrity does read this blog and request decorating guidance. Just about all of them, neeeeeed it very, very badly. -sigh-

    “There’s such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I’m such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn’t be half so interesting.”
    – Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

  9. You are a very talented decorator, don’t be surprised if a celebrity does read your blog and call you. That bedroom is amazing! Did you do all of the painting? It’s so sweet.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. You would be surprised as to who actually does read your blog 😉 Celebrities do browse Decor Blogs, They even comment on them from time to time. Big Name Designers “borrow” ideas they see on blogs as well. And now, you see the ideas reflected in stores like Target, Marshalls, Home Goods, to name a few. The room above is awesome, by the way. And isn’t it nice to have a number 1 fan?
    Thank you for stopping by my little blog, I’m off to google “tiny little pantry” now 😉

  11. Please tell your live-in President that I am your #1 fan and that the next time I see Christina, I’ll direct her straight to THISTLEWOOD FARM. :))

    I am sooo in love with the window treatments in this beautiful room….and…I think anyone that wears booty shorts would love them, too.

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if a celebrity did call! You’re an amazing decorator! You’re so creative and talented! I love your home! This is lovely room- fit for princesses! You have a loyal fan in me too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. I stopped back by to say…I’m not a Celebrity, but will happily accept the title number 2 Fan, your blog is amazing, I’ve browsed every page. In love with your kitchen and bath, your decorating skills are top notch! Added you to my blog love so I won’t miss a thing. Thank you for stopping by my blog, had you not, I wouldn’t have found yours, which is a delight. xoxo tami

  14. Like mother, like daughter – give a hug to #1 fan and let her know she is just as fabulous and will do wonderful things herself. I agree one never knows who might be lurking -so be prepared!

  15. Your number one fan has many more behind her. But what a fan she is! And what a great marketer – that girl’s got a great future!

    And she must be so inspired by her lovely bedroom – the painting is gorgeous.

  16. I am just thrilled to see you back and so glad you are the feature at Beverly’s today. Hi Kari…’s me….The Vintage Nest….still plugging along. Your white kitchen is gorgeous! Come for a visit and HPS xo

  17. Happy Pink Saturday, Congratulations on being featured this week I love you post it’s so funny. It could happen you know. You home is beautiful. I love your painted flowers and the butterfly theme. The bedroom look fantastic! I’m going to go rad about your challenge now. Warmly, Linda

  18. You are funny, chick! I don’t have a fan club but if I did I’d want Clint Eastwood, or even Jack Bauer from 24, or may Tom Selleck. My heroes for sure….LOL

  19. Congratulations on being featured this week for Pink Saturday! All your decorating is lovely and I can see why you have a great fan club. It really would be awesome to get a call like that too!! Dreams are wonderful! Happy Pink Saturday!!

  20. Hello Kari, It is so nice to see you posting again. You probably have been posting, I just didn’t know about it until today.

    Love that beautiful wall treatment in your lovely room. I believe a celebrity would be very happy with whatever you create. Your daughter is your biggest fan but you have many fans including me.

    A very nice feature Kari. Happy Pink Saturday.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  21. I just found you through Beverly. I love your post and the bedroom is absolutely beautiful. The president is right, Christina would LOVE your work. But we ALL do! 🙂

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  22. Your sweet & adorable little president is absolutey right to be concerned about the possibility of a celebrity decor request…it *could* happen, and you must be prepared, red satin or no red satin!!

    Thank you for your sweet comment (a week ago!…I’ve been away from blogging this past week)…it brought a huge smile!!
    xoxo J~

  23. So glad Beverly featured you this week on Pink Saturday! I”m not a celebrity either but I love your blog! I found myself reading from post to post, I could spend the day here reading, but instead I will have to follow you, lol. Love your humor and your decorating, have a great week. ~Diane

  24. Oh my goodness, that bedroom is just adorable! No wonder you have a fan club! Count me in. I’m following along!

  25. Hi, Visiting from Beverly’s Pink Saturday. Adorable post and your little darling sounds delight. Lovely pink art.

    The French Hutch

  26. First of all, thank you thank you for the comment on my blog! (I am now following you!) Second–we should all be so lucky to have someone thing we are wonderful. My people are just now coming around to the idea again, now that they are adults. I think it’s because they know I spent a zillion dollars on their educations, and are afraid that I may one day send them a bill.

  27. I’m not a celebrity, but I am a fan! In fact, I posted your blog as one of my faves on Pinterest couple weeks ago (maybe even called a stalker! Keep up the great work- Your home is beautiful. I just love your style and get very inspired here-thank you!!

  28. I AM a celebrity, and I would love you to come and decorate my house.
    Well, OK, one of those statements isn’t true. But the other one is DEFINITELY true. Can you guess which is which?!

  29. Beautiful Room! I am still looking at my impossibility challenge of my pantry. HMMM Where do I start? Darling Daughter, I just LOVE children! They are the best! Have a great day and stop by!

    The Three Sweet Peas

  30. Christina doesn’t know what she is missing ! You are a very clever girl, cooking or no cooking. We are all here on this earth together and if we were all the same it would be a very boring place. There’s always the bakery and then pop the loaf into a tin and warm it in the oven…

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