Dear Book Club,

I’m sorry I was late.

I know you weren’t surprised.

I was going to be there.  Really. 

I had my schedule cleared.  I had finished the book.  I had my cute book club outfit on.  I was even leaving my house early.  Truly, I had my keys and I was walking out the door…. 


….and I on my way, I passed by the dining room and noticed that the hutch was….well….how can I put this….




Way too grey for me.

And….I did have a few extra minutes.

So I got out the power sander and plugged it in and started to distress a little of that grey.  Right then and there.  In my dining room….on a step stool….with my cute book club outfit on.

I did get a little carried away. 

I did spend longer distressing away the grey than I anticipated.

But you understand.

I just couldn’t go to Book Club and have a meaningful discussion on “Mara:  Daughter of the Nile” when that hutch was sitting in my dining room all big and grey and everything.

And I knew that you would want my full attention.  After all, I really liked the part about how Mara ended up being a double-agent for the Egyptian government and I also knew we would all want to discuss how she managed to get out of the walled city.

But I also knew I would not be able to concentrate….thinking about my overabundance of painted grey wood.

I know you are all relieved, knowing that the hutch situation has been taken care of.

I’m sure next month will be better.

You see, I don’t really have any other un-distressed large grey pieces of furniture, so I feel confident in telling you….I promise I will be there when the doors open.

Thanks for being so understanding about all this.

PS  Maybe I should have it at my house next month, just in case.

PSS  I am linking this up to Miss Mustard Seed.

PSSS  All photographs of my distressed hutch were taken by RTM Connect.