It’s A Cinch Inspired by Freddie Mercury

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I was in a 5K this past weekend. 

It was miserable. 

It was cold and raining and in the middle of the race there was a very steep hill.  The kind of hill that makes you fall to your knees in agony and cry and feel like your leg ends at your right knee.  I stared at that hill and it stared right back.

I braced myself, gritted my teeth and started up the hill slowly one foot at a time.

As I went on, I got slower and sl……ow…

                                                             and s….l….o….w….e….r. 

It seemed like that hill took on the proportions of Mount Everest.

I wanted to give up.

I wanted to cry.

I wanted to turn and run back down the hill.

And then….

                ….We Are the Champions started playing on my IPOD.

And the sun broke through the clouds.

I took it as a sign.

And I dug in my heels and crested that hill with my hands held high as Freddie Mercury screamed out, “We are the champions of the world.”

On that day I owned that hill.

And if Freddie can inspire me to make it to the top of faux Mount Everest without a stretcher, I know he will inspire you to link it up at our “It’s a Cinch” Party.



And we want to see your project in all of its “cinchy” glory.

Join me and these incredible bloggers:

it all started with paint

Electically vintage

The Cottage Market

the space between

And here’s the truly Freddie Mercury champion part…..if you link up…..your link is automatically featured on all of our blogs.


That’s right champions….1 link = 5 links.

We are partying like its 1099.

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1.  Any easy project qualifies. 

2.  No linky parties, please.

3.  I also think the world will be a much better place with more “Cinchy Projects” so I am going to be posting your projects on facebook and twitter and pinterest.  I want the world to see just how talented you are.

4.  If you want to join in all this after party fun, you can follow me on facebook here or twitter here or pinterest here.

Now let’s party on.  Just grab a button and add your link below.  

And please note that all links appear on a separate page.

PS  I know Freddie would have been so proud.

42 thoughts on “It’s A Cinch Inspired by Freddie Mercury

  1. Pingback?? What’s is that?..

    When I am walking in our neighborhood and at the end of my walk, it is all up hill, I do not hear the wonderful sounds of “We are the champions”…I hear the sounds of creaking old knees!…Great story KariAnne!!..

    Thanks for hosting the party!

  2. Well, although the doctor has informed me that running will not be possible, even after I get my new knees, I am living vicariously through your major achievement.

  3. good for you- i am trying to get back to running and so far still NOT enjoying it. ugh.
    i wish i had something to share…. but i do not.

  4. Woo hoo!! Cinchy, easy-peasy, I-can-do-it-in-less-than-5 projects are my all time favourites! Gimme that instant gratification anyday over those time-consuming, mind-boggling, what did it say in that tute??? projects.

    Thanks to all of you for this fabulous idea!


  5. Bravo! 5K! Bravo! “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” – that’s the sound of the crowd, one who is gifted can make with their mouth in a breathy kind of way. (you’re trying to do it right now, aren’t you?) hee!


  6. Yay, you beat the hill! I have such admiration for everyone who can run more than 1km at a time AND run uphill! 🙂 I’m absolutely NOT a runner – but I’ll get on my bike and happily pedal for hours.

    Thanks for co-hosting another great blog party – you inspired me to get my easy-peasy map letter project done 🙂

  7. Woo Hoo!!!! Congrats on completing the 5K! You would have to give me CPR if I tried this! Outstanding job! I love this idea. I completed a French document memo board for this. I just love finding an easy use for out of date frames! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Congrats on conquering the hill! I’m running a 5k in May and hope that I’ll have a victorious goal crushing post when it’s all said and done. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this party.

  9. You show your more of your awesomeness each and every day.

    I can drive a 5k..guess that doesn’t count.

  10. Thanks for hosting – I’d rather craft than do a 5k any day, but I love that song, so that kinda counts right?

  11. Wow, I’m impressed- good job on finishing the 5K! Your story is such a picture of the race God has called us to. Struggles and victories along the way to the finish line. Well done!
    Oh, and thanks for co-hosting a wonderful party- my fave, quick & easy projects. 🙂

  12. Better late than never! I finally linked up! 🙂 Crazy couple of days around here.

    Good for you on the 5K! Make sure you get a sticker for your car, proclaiming your awesomeness to the world. 🙂 I have a 13.1 on mine, so I remember the pain well and want everyone to know I made it out alive. ha ha!! Rock on, KariAnne!

    PS– I just realized I’ve been misspelling your name? Is the A capitalized? Mea culpa!! I’ll go edit my posts!!
    xo Heidi

  13. Oh how I love that song “We are the champions” good on you for owning the hill and not letting it own you or kill you can hills kill it isn’t like it can pull a gun and shoot you ok not the point but still way to go you did good…………..

  14. Thank you for hosting! I tried to get into running once. I ran a mile without stopping and collapsed in someone’s yard hoping my husband would “sense” I needed him to come pick me up in the car. That was my last real running experience. I admire you for being a “real” runner!

  15. I am so not into running to say the least. I can’t even make it half way the block but way to go on your 5k run.

    I’m kinda of sad I don’t have a cinchy project right now… maybe next time

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