Merry Christmas

As I sit here in the early hours of Christmas morning thinking about the reason for the season, I could not let the sun rise without wishing each and every one of you, “Merry Christmas.” Soon my “Silent Night” will become “Joy to the World” and the wonder of Christmas will fill the rooms and rooftops here. Until then….IContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

You’re My One and Only

Why do you think that people count the Christmas trees in their homes?  Really. If you haven’t noticed, the number of Christmas trees in a person’s home is definitely a hot topic of conversation on the party circuit this year.  All over America right now at Christmas parties, people are asking that all-important question…..”How manyContinue reading “You’re My One and Only”

.Who Doesn’t Love a Cookie Cake?

Welcome to the kitchen. Now….I wish I could tell you that there were yummy smells coming from that freshly scrubbed oven. Negative. Just a lot of “hot dog pot pie.”  With four children there is always plenty of activity going on in the kitchen…..     ……plenty of glitter and tiny scraps of paper and dried glueContinue reading “.Who Doesn’t Love a Cookie Cake?”