32 thoughts on “House Tour

  1. Wow, I could totally live there! You have done an outstanding job in each and every room of your home. The kitchen is gorgeous as is the rest of the house. Can you come and do mine now? 🙂

  2. I could just bring my toothbrush and move in. love this so much…I read a lot of blogs and love to peek into houses…this is by far my favorite!!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog – always enjoy hearing from you! Your house is absolutely ~Gorgeous!!!~ I love the colors, chandeliers, artwork – and the beautiful details on your girls bedroom walls! Enjoy your day!

  4. Karianne, I think it is time for you to move.

    I’ve been doing some figuring, and I can come and move in, and you can find another home that needs to be beautified.

    I mean, seriously, what on earth are you going to do with yourself? Everything looks so good!!! ( Notice the abundance of exclaimation points.)

    IF you find yourself with free time you would have normally spent painting and beautifying your home, you could always come over and help me here. 🙂


  5. Absolutely beautiful, Karianne, with great attention to detail. So warm, cozy and peaceful. Unbelievable job!

  6. I found you from Addicted2Decorating and I am so glad that she suggested to come for a visit. Your home is so serene and you have done an amazing job with the color! There are so many beautiful elements to your home but mostly I love all your trim and moulding details. Your daughters room is absolutely darling too!
    I’ll be following you via e-mail! Have a great day!

  7. There’s just so much white…Sorry, not liking this house much, really, really needs more colour…Just soooo boring as it is. Seems like the kids were awarded the only colour in the whole house, lucky kids.

  8. I’ve seen you popping up in a number of blogs lately so I stopped by and what a wonderful joy to find. I’ve really enjoyed your stories AND your beautiful home. I have a question that I haven’t found answers to yet (sorry if they are there and I missed them)…what colors did you use in your entry way and library? I am not a follower and I look forward to reading more! Thanks.

    1. Hello, hi and how are you! I am so happy that you stopped by for a visit. We definitely have an unlimited question policy here at thistlewood so feel free to e-mail me anytime. The color in the entry way is Benjamin Moore Sandy Brown. Althoughit is about to change. I am striping the front entry in grey and white 🙂 The color in the library is Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey. Have an awesome and incredible day. blessings, karianne

  9. Wow! What a gorgeous home! Looks like you could be featured on HGTV, House Beautiful or Better Homes and Gardens. Absolutely gorgeous. You could easily be feaured at Rhoda’s Southern Hospitality. My home wouldn’t even come close. I’m not a decorator or an A+ blog, so my home would never qualify. Are you a professional decorator? How in the world do you keep your home so perfect with kids, dogs and cats?

  10. I am totally and completely in LOOO♥OOOVE with your home and your style!! It’s so elegant, yet exudes “home” 🙂
    and Those dining room curtains are SUPER FAB!!!!

  11. Award winning perfect – wow what an amazing home you have – I love it!

    It is so bright and cheery and beautiful!

    You have done an amazing job with your home.

  12. Superb! You have a fine eye for practical vs boredom!
    You must be way fun to know, KariAnne!

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